8-Ball or the marine corps 8th division was an experimental unit that started in WW2. The unit was used to test for the super soldier formula. Dr. dude and stuff decided to create the Super Soldier formula.

8th division was used for many covert black ops missions. Edward Russo SR and family were killed in 1971 while visiting Japan. The only survivor was Edward Russo JR. He was born with the active gland.

The last incarnation of 8th Division consisted of Donald Stryker, Duke Stryker, Destry Jones aka Warrior, James Slaughter aka Gemini, Edward "Crazy Eddie the mad bomber" Harvey, Charley "Baby Killer" Renault, Adam Baum aka Flying Squrirrle, Richard "Irish" Washington, Eddie "the Ocelot " Russo.

8-Ball was know for it's ability to accomplish every victory. They were all part of the super soldier project that actually worked. Some of the members had to re up the serum several times while others only need it it once. Eddie Russo was the only one not needing the serum as his grand father and father had been experimented on and the serum cam from Eddie's berserkergang gland.

8-ball was also know for being vicious. Ocelot was called "Kid Vicious" by many other non- 8-Ball members (Ocelot being 10 years old when starting his tour with 8-Ball). There were rumors of torture, mutalation and canibalism among other atrosities alledged against them. 8-Ball was disbanded after Flying Squirrle was killed and Duke's arm was dismemberd during an extraction in Afganstan. It was rumored that Ocelot comitted the acts.

It is well known that only 3 out of all the members became "heros" and the rest became insane or villains. They could not make the adjustment to regular life after their tour in 8-Ball. the "heros" actually became assassins or had to enlist on some other sort of paramilitary or militia group.