Allpowers Insurance

In the summer of 1984, it became a law that if you are to fight crime, in the city of Los Angeles, you must have insureance. A company was formed by city officials, Luke Weiss and Allistaire called Allpowers insurance. It started out that individuals had to have their own policy, then the city came up with a citywide plan that covered all super's activities, as long as the super was on the list. The super's insurance cost the individual $1000 per month if you were to do it on their own. This got most of the Supers to join Vanguard so they wouldn't have to pay insurance and they had to do things legally. This was also a SAI/NSA way to create "The List" The supers list was a was that the government could keep tabs on the super's activities in Los Angeles and eventually th entire USA. It is not a super hero registration, which failed to pass congress in 1983, but it is a work around of the registration act. Now all superpowered individuals had to carry insurance in order to use their powers legally, just like driving a car.

(the commercial goes something like this) It’s not illegal to fight crime. It is illegal to fight crime without insurance. And when you need to be insured, the best supers trust Allpowers insurance. “I am a hero and I choose Allpowers” - captain crimson

“Allpowers, a super name for super heroes”