Name: Jake Roberts
Occupation: former Chicago police lieutenant
Age: 32 in 1983
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
Former aliases: Laser Devil (hero in chicago), Doozie (V
anguard 2013 # 5), protoman. Vanguard 2013# 8)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Citizenship: USA
Place of birth: Shermer, IL
First appearance: Vanguard 1983 #1; as doozie Vanguard 2012 #5; as protoman #8
Death: Vanguard 1987 #1
Resurrection: vanguard 1987 #12
Known relavtives: Jackson Roberts aka Proton - brother, Crystal Beeler aka Remix adopted sister
Known affiliation: The Destroyers (defunct) Destroyers 2
Blaster has the power to shoot energy blasts from his hands. He can "detonate" with explosions of energy that can destroy up to 2 city blocks. If he does this it drains him almost to a comatose state.
His power stems from his inner KI energy is in over abundance and regenerates at a quick rate and is 50x that of normal humans. He can regenerate himself physically from mere cells. In other words he is immortal. He was eaten by Gemini but regenerated himself and was fully finctional within a year.

He and his brother were victims of an industrial accicent while trying to evade ca[pture from Vanguard . The two merged into one being named Doozie. Doozie is mentally retarded and is under the care of Remix, who is introduced in the wrath story arc and he is reintroduced as Doozie and then the proto-man in later issues of the wrath story arc. He then turns back to Doozie and is lost in the retarded world of Doozie.