Real Name: Rosalie Bacalou

Alias: None

Identity: Secret, Known to certain government agencies

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Hollywood, CA

First Appearance: Cheaper by the Slice episode #?

Occupation: Law Enforcement, Former Assassin, Former Prostitute

Known Relatives: None

Group Affiliation: SAI (Superpowers Administration Initiative), NSA (National Security Agency or No Such Agency), The Enforcers

Powers: None

Abilities: Highly trained ninja, trained by Navy Seal and Force Recon members

Weapons: Aegis mk3 armour, Plasma Charged Naginata, various plasma charged shuriken of different varieties

Origin:  In 1989, Ocelot picked Rosalie up on a street corner, but instead of her usual skills being needed that night, Ocelot just needed a shoulder to cry on. Every thursday night, Ocelot would pick her up and they would just hang out. One night he decided to make her an offer to give her a new life. Rosalie had to take some time to think about it, but eventually she took his offer. He paid off her pimp and took her nd her girlfriend to Enforcers HQ and trained her as a Ninja. Her girlfriend, Juniper Calvino, a hacker, was taken as well and was issued a terminal on HAL to learn all she could.

Rosalie trained with Ocelot for 3 years and was put in contact with Donald Stryker to be put in rotation with SAI's freelancers. Ocelot gave her the news by putting a note on the door to the HQ to call Donald Styker for her 1st Job, to go to Japan and see Daimyo for further Training and also locking them out of the HQ.

She became part of SAI's Wetworx operations and part of Clan Yagyu, the ninja clan that Ocelot is the leader of, ever since. She and Zero Phreak have been a team ever since with their base of operations in Los Angeles.

In 2013, Daimyo came to her for help, along with Spellbinder and Starling . Ocelot was underseige from his mortal enimy Mikazi, the former leader of the Clan's son. After the ordeal, Bloodrose and Zero Phreak joined the newly reformed Enforcers .

In addition to her martial arts mastery, she has a family history of Hoodoo.  not much is known to her about this other than her family name has some meaning in Hatian Mythology.