the Dead End Boys






Ossy (Ocelot at age 12)

Allie (Starling at age 13)

Heather (Mimeo at age 15)

First apearence: Cheaper by the Slice episode 13

Called the Dead End Crew in the 1990's, the Dead End Boys.

In 1983, at Christmas eve, Ocelot had nowhere to go, none of the other Vanguard members realized he had nobody and went to their respective families homes, he found his way to the Boys Home in Reseda California. He met a young biy named Benjy who was a victim of parental abuse, physical, mental and sexual. Ocelot's heart broke. Starling eventually showed up that evening and tried to get Ocelot to go home with her to her father's house, but she ended up staying with him at the Boys Home. They listened to nightmarish stories of these childrens home life.

Starling, having a near rape at the hands of Grotus (Vanguard: Warzone LA), decided to take action. She enlisted Ocelot and together they targeted pedaphiles. They took down over 100 sex offenders. Allie killed one pedaphile in a hated rage. Ocelot tried to stop her and wanted to do the dirty work so she wouldn't have anything on her conscience. Ocelot killing 5 pedaphiles. One of which was during a sting where Heather (Mimeo) wanted to be the bait and she made a serious mistake. Ocelot had to chase down the perp and killed him in the street. There were eye witnesses with camera phones. The killing made the evening news. Ocelot was arrested and the charges were dropped. After being questioned by Vanguard leader Mongoose and several other police officers, he never gave up his paretners.

Benjy, knowing that Ossy and Allie were indeed Ocelot and Starling, was used several times as bait. After Ocelot and Starling stopped going after pedaphiles, Benjy got his friends in on the act. Tatum became the leader of the group and Benjy was usually the bait. Orion and Jensen would run point. They kept this up for the better oef 10 years.

Benjy was brutally murdered on the Dead End Crew's last caper. He was raped by 3 men and then was dismembered. Tatum, Orion and Jensen sought revenge. Tatum killed the ring leader of the rape gang in 1998.

Tatum was arrested in 1998 for murder. He was sentenced to 20 years.

Orion was arrested in 1999 for aiding and abbeding Tatum. He was sentenced to 10 years.

Jensen joined the Army in 1999 , when Tatum and Orion were arrested. He is currently serving in the Army.