Dr Dentmoore Allistair

CFO of Weiss holdings, chairman of Weissco Insurance group.

Meta ability: Fiscalopathy; can control money

Luke Weiss ’ CPA. Created the Vanguard fund. Invests aggressively and always produces dividens. Created the Allpower insurance group to fund the reconteruction of countrywide damages caused by super’s activities.

He is a short thin man that wears glasses. He is totally unassuming.

He invests monies for the members of LAPD Vanguard unit to pay for their living expenses, stipen and all needed accessories. He has set up retirement plans and health care for Active and Reserve members of Vanguard .

In 1987, while on hiatus with Corsair, Ocelot had him invest stolen monies to make him independently wealthy. More than 70% of Ocelot's money was used to fund childrens hospitals, orphanages etc to benefit underpriveliged, orphaned children.

Dr. Allistair was seen in 2 episodes. Vanguard 1983 #5 and Vanguard 1986 #7. He is a good man that is beyond reproach. He has never stolen money nor done harm; besides the Ocelot venture. He is now 60 years old as of the present.

He was brought into the fold by Luke and Arthur Cohen. This is how Vanguard was established and franchised to the LAPD, and other major cities around the country.

He hold a PHD and an EED in Ecomnomics and other money, business and marketing subject but he flies under the radar and no one kknows of his power. He has been quoted as saying “this is how I fight crame. Others have super powers like flight, energy blasts and the like, I have the power of Money and I will never stop fighting the war on crime.”