Enforcer's HQ: Precinct 23

Enforcer's HQ is a military base designed for the superpowered precicnt The Enforcers . It has a barracks for the member's to sleep, a galley for eating, a gymnasium for training, a firing range for various powers and projectile weapons.

The helm of the precinct is the AI nicknamed HAL. (Ocelot started calling it HAL after watchiing 2001: a space oddessy and when the AI wouldn't let him in.) HAL is a separate AI from Vanguard's CALVIN who run's all the other precincts.

in 1984, Ocelot found this base after he had started using the sewer system to get around in his supercharged go cart and supercharged mini bike. He started using it as his own base or operations.

In 1985, Guardian Angel had devised an AI unit for Ocelot's base, lovingly called HAL when it would not recognize Ocelot's voice commands to let him in when Guardian Angel was making some upgrades.

After 3 years of use, Ocelot opened it's doors to his newly founded group called the Enforcers.

The Enforcers utilized the network of WW2 tunnels, instalations, missile sylohs etc that were left over from the US Army and Marines. Their network of underground tunnels run all over the greater Los Angeles area and its outlying areas such as to San Diego, the High Desert, all the offshore islands such as Catalina, all the way past Oxnard and up to El Capitan. They even have their own off shore oil rig that is a base for their missions outside of the LA area. These tunnels were up graded to acommodate rapid tranfer to another location so the team can almost be in any location instantaneously. This was kept from Vanguard.