The Greatest Mortal Fighter

The Greatest Mortal Fighter (GMF) was a competition in 1985 a competition of no holds barred fighting held on a small island near Abu Dhabi. It was to settle once and for all, who was the greatest fighter of them all. The Prince of the relm had nullifiers installed in the arena so no fighter could use super powers. there was no age limit, weight class or time limit for each fight. Each fighter had to fight all the fighters in order to win the title. On hand were doctors and paramedics along with healers of the mystical and meta variety.

All the dojo and gyms in the world were invited to send their best fighter. All boxing and kickboxing organizations were invited to send fighters. Any super that wanted to prove themself was invited. It was an open invitation that was aired on every network in every country in the world. It was to be aired live on a major tv network.

There were over 2000 fighters that showed up ranging from Karate, Judo, Kung fu, Boxing, street fighters, super heros etc. Of the more notable were Mongoose, Warrior, Donald Stryker, and the young Ocelot. Betting was encouraged and the odds were set. Ocelot, being only 14 was the long shot and was not expected to win any bouts.

The fights went on day in and day out for nearly 6 months. Healers would put the battered back together and the score were talleyed. There were over 50 deaths. The ratings went through the roof and billions of dollars were made. The last day of fighting were 4 bouts. Warrior, Crusher, Samson and Ocelot. Ocelot came out the victor and took the crown of Greatest Mortal Fighter. The world was turned upside down by a 14 year old beating everyone.

The GMF was never held again and was banned from every country. Small venues still pop up of hero against hero, but nothing like the GMF competition.