Project Eclipse

Created by the NSA SAI division, Project Eclipse's main function is to defend the planet from extra terrestrial invading forces. It was initialized in 1990 to defend agaisnt the Zoab fleet from the Uracian stem of the Milky Way. As there has not been a threat since the 1997, Project Eclipse os on semi permanent hiatus.



Guardian Angel








The Hellion Twins: Fire and Brimstone


Trick Rabbit


In 1990, General Christian Niekelle initialized Project: Eclipse (later the colon was dropped) to defend Terra against an extra terrestrial threat. The knowledge of the existance of Project Eclipse was kept secret from all other agencies such as Vanguard and even the Guardian Council. Captain Donald Stryker was placed in charge to enlist supers to bbe inthe team. They looked within the ranks of SAI and even Vanguard. With the desolving of the Enforcers by Vanguard, they were all candidates.

All came on board easily except Ocelot. He held out so they enlisted Trick Rabbit to get him to join. At the first meeting with all the membes, Ocelot attacked Corsair over 5 million dollars that Corsair had stolen from him a few years earlier.

Guardain Angel and Trance created the Aegis mark 4 battlesuits for the team to wear. All the suits were dnadesigned and coded to each member specifically. Their powers would work through the suit and actually be enhanced. Ocelot and Daimyo required special upgrades to theirs and eventually they were upgraded to a prototype mk5 battlesuit. All non essential members were issued a standard mk2 suit that would allow them some combat ability and be able to withstand the pressures of space.

The teams base was the north side of Mare Tranquillitatis where the launch bays would face away frpm Terra. Guardian Angel, Trance and a team of Meta scientists rework the Strategic Defense Initiative left over from the cold war. It was aimed outward to space and all the lasers were refit with proton cannons and deep space surveilence equipment.

A Jumpgate was created to send the team into a wormhole. The Apollo Jumpgate was to be built on MArs. They set out for Mars and they were sent to battle the Horde that was enroute to invade Terra.

During there only mission, Project Eclpise were stranded on the far side of the galaxy for 5 years.

By the time they were returning Warp had developed so much power over velocity and time/space that everyone feared him. In the starcruiser, on the way home, Ocelot was too shoot Warp in the head, instead, Ocelot and Warp were transported to another dimension. Ocelot explained to Warp that his orders were to kill him. Warp sent Ocelot back to the ship. The remaining members of Project Eclipse returned to Terra. The combat team was disbanded but the scientists are still watching deep space.