Sparrow Hawk

Real Name: Damian Russo

Alias: None

Identity: Secret, Known to certain government agencies

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Hollywood, FL

First Appearance: Cheaper by the Slice episode #?

Occupation: Law Enforcement, Former Soldier

Known Relatives: Edward Russo JR (Ocelot , Father), Alison Shaffer (Starling , Mother), Karl (Hunter, Brother)

Group Affiliation: SAI (Superpowers Administration Initiative), NSA (National Security Agency or No Such Agency), The Enforcers

Powers: Superhuman agility, Able to create energy shield around self, create energy blasts, flight and has the berserkergang gland and can completely control it. Was injected with the Super soldier formula and is the only successful super soldier.

Abilities: Super Soldier, trained in every and all militrary and paramilitary aspect.

Weapons: Aegis mk3 armour.

Origin:  May 25th, 1989, Starling gave birth to Karl aka Hunter. On staff at the hospital was a SAI operative. That operative took DNA from the embro and brought it back to SAI's Headquarters in Hollywood Florida. There the DNA was cryogenically frozen until January 1st, 1996 where the cells were allowed to grow into a baby boy. General Christian Niekelle followed Ocelot's upbringing as closly as possible. Damian was sent to the Ninja camp, but was trained by Daimyo and Bloodrose who both knew who the parents were.  His meta ablilities manifested at the age of 6. He showed that he had the powers of Starling and was lovingly called Kodaka. At the age of 10, he was brought back to SAI HQ and was further cultivated as a Super Soldier. His Berserkergang glad was tested and found to be completely active and, after years of testing, was found to be completely controllable.  He was trained under Donald Stryker and learned all conventional weaponry and strategies in military and paramiltary factions.

At the age of 14 we as injected with the Super Soldier formula. The tests were a complete success to everyones surprise. He was attatched to several Recon divisions and loaned out to Division for a few missions.

In 2013, while on a mission, he came in contact with Ocelot for the first time. Ocelot knew who he was at first meeting. They were after the same target. Ocelot and Sparrow Hawk went back to Japan to confront Daimyo and Bloodrose. Ocelot decided that the 4 of them should relocate to Los Angeles. Sparrow Hawk has since joined the Enforcers to be with his father and has yet to meet his mother.