Real Name: Alison Shaffer

Alias: None

Identity: Public

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Hermosa Beach, CA

First Appearance: Cheaper by the Slice episode #?

Occupation: Law Enforcement, LAPD Lieutenant

Known Relatives: Heather Shaffer, Sister (aka Mimeo, retired), Karl Edward Shaffer, son (aka Hunter), Damian Russo aka Sparrow Hawk, (unknown that she is his mother)

Group Affiliation: Vanguard, LAPD

Powers: Energy blasts and force fields

Abilities: Criminology, Cfrime Scene investigation and criminalistics, Psycology

Weapons: Aegis mk3 armour


Starling joined Vanguard in 1983. She is one of the original members.

She had a wild love affair and relationship with Ocelot . They were the love's of eachother's lives. She had sex with Spellbinder when Spellbinder and her thought they were going to die. It turns out that they didn't die.

She has led Vanguard ever since Mongoose left for health reasons. She had a brief stint on hiatus during maternity leave.