The Destroyers

Consisting of Blaster, Vampyress, Gemini, Gunman, Grotus, Frostbite, Chysalis, Eletrolok, Wildman and (?), the Destroyers made their debut in Vanguard #1 as they tried to ytake over Los Angeles for a ransom of 10 Billion dollars, in 1983.

The Destroyers shows up several times until Gemini kills theem all but Chrysalis in 1988. Gemini is payed a visit by Duke who tells him to get rid of the Destroyers. Gemini then eats them all.

The Destroyers make a return when Blaster returns from the dead and brings his brother, Proton into the mix. The Destroyers stay a terrorost group after Blaster and Proton have an accident, fusing themselves together.

Destroyers 1st Gen Blaster Vampyra Chrysilis Gunman Frostbite Grotus Wildman Electrolok Requiem Gabriel Gemini Starbolt


Destroyers 2nd Gen Blaster Proton Stillframe Chryslilis Insanity Grotus Charge Diamond Back Killer Klown Galvani Trition Twitch Whiplash Stomp

Destroyers 3rd Gen Century Savage Muron Insanity Stillframe Vengeance Fred Crackshot Ac1d mAn1Ac Grotus Starbolt Crack (electricity)'