The Enforcers

In 1987, the Enforcers were instated as a black ops style covert suoer team to do the missions that Vanguard could not do. The Enforcers were disbanded in 1989 when Ocelot left the Vanguard organization. The Enforcer's HQ was not in Vanguard Mansion . They had their own HQ in an old WW2 bomb shelter at Devil's Pass Dam near the 210 freeway by Pasadena.

In 1995, Tiger's Claw restarted the Enforcers while still in Vanguard . Ocelot caught wind of Tiger's Claw and payed him a visit. Tiger's Claw was given funding to have the Enforcer's Precinct reinstated under the Vanguard act.

Current Roster



Zero Phreak

Sparrow Hawk




Ocelot m leader

Reflector m (reflects powers back to the 3rd power)

Mimic m (deceased while undercover as a  female stripper)

Cyco m (psychokinesis)

Crosswinds m (speedster)

Blue Flame m (human torch)

Inky f (generates a black sludge)

Stripe f (deceased, murdered in her apartment by her boyfriend) (similar to starling)


Tiger’s Claw m leader (similar to Ocelot)

Apparition m (intangible)

Demi m (big and strong and can grow to 15 ft)

Bullet f (Division) (superspeed flight)

Rescue f (Division) (resusitation, adaptive powers)

Darius m (Division) (military guy)

Red Devil m (Division) (pseudo-demonic, has talisman for sorcery powers)

Wrathchild m (Fight and Flight)

F- f (power over frequencies)