Trick Rabbit

Annalisa Giabella Gotti


Meta Human with the power of manipulation via the use of pheramones. He has also acquired the abilities of teleportation, mind reading, and psychokenisis along with other scorcerer powers from Abracadaver.

She is the older sister to the meta humans Fire and Brimstone.

Group affiliations, formerly with Abracadaver; Project Eclipse

In 1986, she was working for Abracadaver, lower level scorcerer. He teaches her a bit of magic and gives her a talesman that enhances her powers. She henches for him because Abra has her on a magical leash until Vanguard arrests him. She becomes infatuated with 14 year old Ocelot immediately, manipulates him mind and kidnaps him. He is particularly suseptable to her pheramonal powers. She used him as a sex slave for 3 months unitl Spellbinder and Starling found him and liberated him over 3 months later. Trick Rabbit escaped and was never brought to justice for that crime.

In 1989 she was enlisted by Donald Stryker to bring Ocelot into Project Eclipse . She was mainly there to be Ocelot's handler. Trick Rabbit read Stryker's mind and found out everything that happened in 8-Ball. She relived Ocelot's past. She used these memories to keep Ocelot , who's berserk has been taking control of him, under control. They stayed together until 1993 when her telepatic and pheramonal powers we not working anylonger. She got him strung out on drugs to keep him with her. She interoduced Ocelot to Malachi and Belouise. They harvested part of Ocelot's Berserker gland and made the 1st Wrath drug and injected Ocelot with it sending him on a murder spree until Project Eclipse stopped him.

Trick Rabbit, broken hearted, disappeared and fell further into drugs and into prostitution..