The V&R universe starts in 1983 with the creation of aThe Vanguard. Most of the Universe is only shown in the Vanguard titles (either Graphic Novel or Cartoon). There are several other titles but all others are short lived.

The universe has less than maybe 20,000 super powered individuals in it andless that a quarter of those have super powers that can be used to fight. Mostly there are poeple that have the power to cook, be a mechanic, be a CPA etc. They have talents that make them the best in their fields.

There are Meta Humans, Scorcerers, Accidentals, clones, Berserkers etc. There are no timetravelers. There are other dimensions and there are extra terrestrials.

It is a dark world where no one is safe. Heroes die. Villains die. Villains win. You never know what is around the corner.



Vanguard has Stories that start in 1983. There are 12 issues or episodes per year since that time.

The Enforcers

Project Eclipse

Cheaper by the Slice