Vanguard is a superpowered group that is based in Los Angeles that was transformed into a policing agency for Superpowered/natural occurances. Vanguard has since been spread to most major cities and states as territories.

The group was founded in 1983 by Mongoose as a call to arms against the super villain group called the Destroyers . The Destroyers leveled most of Los Angeles and Vanguard stopped them There were many casualties on both sides. Major so-in-so and police chief so-in-so gave special charter to Vanguard as a police precinct. General Christian Niekelle gave Vanguard special clearance and help when ever they needed. He appointed Lietenand Donald Stryker as a Liason to Vanguard to keep tabs on them.

With in the 1st year of opperation, Mongoose brought in ex Guardians member Brainstorm to mentor and help organize the group. Brainstorm brought in Guardian Angel to help with militarizing the team and also C.A.L.V.I.N., an AI computer to help keep things organized. With in that year the team had spread to patrol all of LA county.

Vangaurd consisted of Mongoose , Spellbinder , Redline, Lucky, Starling , Mimeo and Ocelot . Ocelot was an imbedded member from the NSA branch called SAI.

In 1987,