Zero Phreak

Real Name: Juniper Calvino

Alias: Berry, Sweet Berry

Identity: Secret, Known to certain government agencies

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: West Hills, CA

First Appearance: Cheaper by the Slice episode #?

Occupation: Law Enforcement, Former Corporate Spy, Hacker

Known Relatives:

Group Affiliation: SAI (Superpowers Administration Initiative), NSA (National Security Agency or No Such Agency), The Enforcers

Powers: Meta ability of computer code, internet ability and electronics

Abilities: Knows everything there is to know about all computer OS, code and technologies.

Weapons: N/A

Origin:  It will be some shit about how she got caught hacking stupid shit in High School, Met Rosalie in College, they delved into drugs. While Bloodrose was a prostitute she would do favors for politicians and other banker types and stuff to the effect of getting intel and other dirt on other people.

She got the hook of a lifetime from Ocelot when he was training Rosalie. She got in with SAI and learned everything they had about thier computer networks. She joined the Enforcers with Bloodrose when Ocelot restarted the team.

She also has a big sisterly feeling toward Sparrow Hawk .